In order to meet the needs of different face shapes and experiences, there are many types of face mirrors in width, height and even lenses. After selecting the most comfortable face mirror, you can decide whether to install nearsighted lenses according to your own needs.

Here are a few tips for choosing.


Place two different mirrors horizontally, align the sealing edge at one end, and you can clearly see that the width of the mirrors is different. The face width of children, women and men is different, so the width that meets the wearing requirements should be selected.


Children, adults with small faces and people with low hairline should choose a shorter face mirror (the distance from the bottom of the face mirror to the top is small)


Wide face type and round face type people need face mirrors with small openings (the distance between the sealing edge and the edge of the face mirror is small), while face type people with thin edges or high cheekbones need face mirrors with large openings that can completely wrap the side face.