Most of people know that china is one of a  leading manufacturing Country. Lots of world famous company place order in china to manufacture their owned brand products .However it can't be avoied to hold some dead stock which can't be shiped in time. 

What does the term “dead stock” mean?

A: Dead stock is inventory that a company has held for a long time and is unlikely to sell. To get rid of dead stock, companies may employ strategies such as offering discounts or bundling dead stock with better-selling products.

Dead stock shouldn’t be confused with “deadstock,” a niche term that’s applied to some consumer items, such as discontinued lines of sneakers and apparel, that are often highly coveted and sold at a premium price.

Q: Does deadstock mean an item is authentic?

A: The term deadstock, as applied to consumer goods, means the item being sold is authentic. Deadstock goods must be brand new, never worn and usually include the original tags.

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